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本文摘要:Baidus victory has been struck out and it is now banned from similar competitions for a year百度的胜利被宣布无效并被禁令参与类似于比赛一年。

Baidus victory has been struck out and it is now banned from similar competitions for a year百度的胜利被宣布无效并被禁令参与类似于比赛一年。Chinese search giant Baidu has been disqualified from an artificial intelligence test in which it appeared to beat Google and Microsoft.中国搜索引擎巨头百度在一次人工智能大赛中看起来输掉了google和微软公司——然而最后被取消资格。

The test, in May, looked at how well computers recognise images.这场在5月份举行的比赛,比的是计算机辨识图像的能力。But it has now emerged that Baidu submitted far more tests than the rules allowed, meaning its results were not comparable with others in the competition.但是现在渐渐透露出来,百度展开了比规则规定所容许的次数非常少的测试,这意味著百度的结果无法与其他参赛者公平竞争。

The firm has apologised for this mistake.该公司早已为其犯规而致歉。Its win has now been cancelled and it has been banned from similar challenges for a year.百度现在被中止成绩,并被禁令参与类似于竞赛一年。


Rule-breaking违背规则Baidu claimed to have scored an impressive 4.58% error rate on a test which asked contestants to accurately recognise a series of images from a large picture database.百度曾多次声称,在这场拒绝参赛者在一个大的图片数据库里准确辨识一系列图像的比赛中,其错误率只有令人吃惊的4.58%。Although Google and Microsoft were not far behind - with 4.94% and 4.8% error rates respectively - it was still regarded as a significant victory especially as Baidu is a relative newcomer to AI.虽然google和微软公司并没领先很多——这两家各自错误率分别为4.94%和4.8%——但百度的落败依然被指出是一个极大的胜利,特别是在是考虑到百度在人工智能方面是后来者。But its victory turned out to be short-lived when, earlier this week, organisers of the ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge (ILSVRC) - run at Stanford Universitys vision lab - revealed that Baidu had broken its rules.但这个胜利很短命,本周早些时候,ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge (ILSVRC)比赛的组织者——由斯坦福大学视觉实验室担任——找到百度违反了其规则。During the period of 28 November 2014 to 13 May 2015, there were at least 30 accounts used by a team from Baidu to the test server at least 200 times, far exceeding the specified limit of two submissions per week, it wrote.在2014年11月到2015年5月13日间,百度团队用了最少30个账号在服务器上测试了最少200次,相比之下远超过所拒绝的每周2次,赛会组织者说道。

It included some periods of very high usage - 40 submissions in five days during March.这还包括在一些时期内的高频率用于——3月份,百度在5天内就展开了40次测试。In a statement Baidu said that it had been informed that we exceeded the allowable number of weekly submissions to the ImageNet servers.在一份声明中,百度说道已得知我们多达了所容许的每周相连ImageNet服务器测试的次数。

We apologise for this mistake and are continuing to review the results, it added.我们为所犯的错误致歉,并将之后检查结果。Dog breeds狗的品种ImageNet was set up as a resource for AI researchers and contains millions of pictures.ImageNet为人工智能研究者创立了一个包括数百万幅图片的源。Getting computers to accurately recognise the content and context of pictures is one of the key goals in the field of artificial intelligence and has obvious benefits for the search industry.让计算机准确辨识图片的内容和背景,是人工智能领域的一个关键目标,并且对于搜寻业来说也有显而易见的益处。The competition required competitors to arrange pictures into predefined categories and recognise small differences in images, such as different breeds of dog.这次比赛拒绝参赛者把图片归类到预先定义的目录里面去,并且辨识图片内容的细微差别,比如狗的品种。

For the test, Baidu used its deep learning supercomputer dubbed Minwa. In January, it said its computer vision system - Deep Image - was the worlds most accurate.这次比赛中,百度落成了绰号为Minwa的深度自学超级计算机。一月份,百度说道其计算机视觉系统——Deep Image——是世界上最精确的。

At the time of the competition victory, Baidu scientist Ren Wu claimed the firm was now leading the race in computer intelligence.在比赛获得胜利时,百度首席科学家吴恩达声称该公司现在早已在计算机智能中排在。Since the issue emerged, the AI world has been buzzing, with many leading experts asking for details about what happened. Baidu has offered no explanation beyond calling the incident a mistake.然而(违规)消息爆出后,人工智能世界议论纷纷,很多行业尖端的专家告知事件的细节。百度除了把此事沦为犯规外没得出其他说明。



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